Day 55 miles: 863.7 – 863.7 (zero day)

Wow, this is my first zero day in 425 miles! I didn’t realize that it has been that long since I gave my body a rest, and I planned to take full advantage of all the lazy possibilities. This morning, everyone slept in until about 9am before we gathered our hiking clothing and headed to the laundry mat. Coincidentally, right next door was a Family Dollar, which we were able to do a four day resupply at while our clothes were getting the sour smell of swamp and sweat sucked out of them. Things were happening as a zero day should as we lazily did our chores, and I got a room at the Airport Motel to get a much needed shower. My plan was to not put my shoes on again for the rest of the day, and I was close to successful at that goal. I even unlaced my shoes and pulled out the inserts before setting them outside to let the sun bake out the four days of swamp saturation (that was creating it’s own eco system in each shoe).

Mickey and I attempted to do a combo order for pizza delivery, but found out the two pizza joints in town stopped their delivery services after Hurricane Michele devastated this area. The manager of the hotel just so happened to be passing by my room as we found out we were out of luck, and I stepped out to see if anyone delivers food in this town. He said “no” with a slight smile on his face, but said he would drive me up to the pizza place “free of charge” if I wanted, which I did :).

After slipping on my camp shoes, the manager and I headed into town for pizza and he told/showed me all about the hurricanes destruction on the little town of Blountstown. It was sad to see all the old buildings with blue tarps still on the roofs, and the clean up crews still working on cleaning up the down trees along the main drag. Most of the businesses are still closed and it’s clear that this town will need a few years to rebound.

After I was back in my room and quickly fat with a full belly of pizza, I took a mid day nap while watching mindless t.v. and really getting into full lazy mode. I was successful in spending most of the day shoeless and really took the time to recharge my muscles and motivation. We have a lot of road marching ahead of us before getting to Eglin Air Force Base (our next section of Forest) and it’s nice to have been able to get the swamp off me before hitting the road. (I didn’t take any pictures today, but below are two from yesterday I didn’t post)

These cute little flowers are called butterworts. They are coniverus devils that dissolve helpless bugs for their nutrients

A visual of how far I’ve gone (in green) and how much is left (in red)


  1. Thanks for the map update! I like the visual of how far you have come. Glad you were able to get some pizza in your belly too. If you have pics of the leftover devastation from Michael, could you please post a couple?


  2. Thanks for posting the map! I was trying to figure out where you were. It’s so cool to see how far you’ve made it! Bravo!!!


  3. Love the map. It helps to visualize how far you’ve gone. That is amazing. You are getting so close to your goal. I am glad you got to have a zero day. I can imagine how good it felt to get your shoes off and get a shower!
    Love you


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