Day 10 miles: 115.5 – 115.5 (rain delay)

Well, this time the meteorologists got it right. It started raining lastnight around 6-7pm and hasn’t let up since except for around noon till 1pm today. I have my rainfly secured as best as I can get it with three stakes per side and the open ends have a length of cord tying the corners to each other (to minimize the flapping in the wind). It’s the wind that I am most concerned with because if my rain fly lets go or rips, I’m done for. I’ve made a plan to keep my pack packed, so in case of catastrophic failure I can stuff my sleeping bag in it and run for cover. There is a park on the edge of town about 2 miles away so I could go there and then back track after the storm for the rest of my gear (tomorrow morning). The wind is blowing a gale from the north (I don’t really know how fast gale force winds are, but it best describes my situation) and my hammock/tarp setup is positioned north to south. Before the rains came lastnight, I collected every palm frond I could find and made a nice wind block on the north side, which seemed to help so far, but the winds are expected to intensitfy by a great deal at the tail end of the storm. Time will tell.

Other than the fear of equipment failure, things are going well. Lastnight I did wake up to the smell of a skunk! If I was closer to town and it wasn’t storming, I would of just figured it to be someone smoking pot, but it WAS a skunk! I laid still hopeful it would pass and not spray my noisy tarp and I soon drifted back to sleep. This morning my gear smells only of me which was a sigh of relief and I had a nice breakfast of oatmeal and trail mix to celebrate. On my resupply yesterday I bought O’Keeffe’s medicated foot cream and so today’s foot maintenance included a massage of it and I gotta say, it seems to sooth my feet so far (I can bend and flex my toes fully now). My Achilles tendon pain is still noticeable, but I called my sister who is a nurse and she said some anti-inflammatories should help. So as I lay here I think the rain might be a blessing in disguise if the day of rest heals my ailments. Maybe that’s where the saying “right as rain” comes from 🙂

The winds have really picked up since about 3pm and the worst of the storm in regards to both wind speed and rain volume is between then and 5am tomorrow morning. Everything at camp is holding tight for now and I plan to sleep lightly in case I need to act quickly. No matter what happens tonight though tomorrow is a new day with better weather forecasted. Till then I can already tell this will be one the most memorable days/nights of the trip…

the windward side of my wind block

the leeward side of my wind block


  1. That’s a mighty fine wind block you built. I’m glad you included the pictures. It was better than what I had pictured in my head while reading today’s post. I thoroughly enjoy reading this every evening. Thanks again for sharing your journey with us!


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